About Us

We’re DemandTec

Founded in 1999, we have been a pioneering leader in retail pricing and commerce solutions since the early days of price optimization. Now we’ve launched the industry’s first unified autonomous commerce platform – Unified Lifecycle Pricing by DemandTec. With the platform, retailers and their supplier partners around the world are empowered to better collaborate and compete in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

From food to fashion, we have deep retail pricing lifecycle knowledge and experience, enabling retailers to transform pricing into a profit center by unifying and automating pricing, promotions, markdowns, and supplier collaboration across all retail channels.

DemandTec is a strategic business unit of Acoustic, along with Acoustic Marketing Cloud, an open marketing automation platform, and TeaLeaf by Acoustic, a leader in digital experience analytics.

We Deliver Profitable Revenue Growth

We are the Innovation Leader

The DemandTec Difference

Unified commerce – no more siloes

Continuous innovation and R&D investment

Cloud-native architecture

History of co-creation and collaboration with retailer partners

Proven 10x ROI and rapid speed to value