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IntroducingUnify by DemandTec, the Industry’s First Unified Autonomous Merchandising Platform

A pioneering leader in retail pricing technology for decades, DemandTec is ushering in the new era of unified autonomous merchandising. With Unify by DemandTec, retailers can unite their data, systems, and internal teams, and collaborate with suppliers to generate profitable revenue growth, powered by AI.

Are you ready to Unify?

With Unify by DemandTec, retailers gain a 360-degree view of shopper demand across all channels to elevate AI-powered pricing, promotions, and markdowns and maximize profitable revenue growth.

Retailers can also take advantage of direct integration with DemandTec’s Autonomous Collaboration trade network, featuring more than 700 brands, suppliers, and brokers already on the platform orchestrating trade deals.

“Within 18 months we delivered a positive return on investment, including improving our competitive position by 3 points while at the same time increasing gross margin by about 1.5%”

Director of Innovation and Systems, Conad Nord Ovest

Why DemandTec?

With AI-powered data science, machine learning and autonomous technologies, DemandTec is tearing down data and merchandising siloes, providing retailers with a complete view of consumer demand across channels, categories, and the merchandising lifecycle.

Retailers using Unify by DemandTec can now manage end-to-end merchandising in a smarter, faster, simpler way, with a heightened understanding of consumer behavior driving improved predictive accuracy, averaging above 95%.  

Our Applications

Autonomous Pricing  •   Autonomous Promotions •   Autonomous Markdowns   •   Autonomous Collaboration

Autonomous Pricing
Autonomous Markdowns
Autonomous Collaboration

Why consider DemandTec as your partner?

Over 700+ retailer and suppliers choose DemandTec as their retail pricing, promotions, markdowns, and collaboration partner:


Unified Merchandising – No More Siloes


Open, Configurable AI & Data Science


Continuous Innovation and R&D Investments


Cloud-native Architecture


Proven 10x ROI & Rapid Speed to Value


History of Co-creation & Collaboration with Global Retailers

There’s a better way.

Find out how the Carrefour Brazil pricing team gained competitive advantage with DemandTec Autonomous Pricing.

“Today, our pricing team serves a much more strategic role as price advisors to our colleagues, with insights on elasticity and beyond that give the commercial team confidence that they are offering the best prices.”

Alessandra Shima
Pricing & Commercial Intelligence Director, Carrefour Brazil

Shopper Intelligence to Autonomous Commerce.

Find out how our AI-powered solutions are driving shopper-centric omni-channel pricing and promotions to expand margins and accelerate growth.