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Who We Are

DemandTec by Acoustic is committed to taking AI pricing to new heights. With deep and commanding worldwide retail pricing domain knowledge and experience, DemandTec enables retailers and CPG partners to deliver optimal pricing, promotions, and markdowns to thrive in today’s hyper-competitive retail landscape. DemandTec addresses retail pricing challenges today and into the future with relentless focus, commitment and ongoing investment.

Why DemandTec?

We are a single vendor that addresses the full lifecycle of price, from everyday to promotion all the way to clearing out end of life. Acoustic provides the largest depth and breadth of proven pricing solutions on the market. We are the pioneers in bringing AI into retail pricing solutions and proving its value to the market. With a reputation and a culture of driving breakthrough innovations, we continue to deliver the most advanced science and applied AI in the industry. Our deep domain knowledge drives our focused vision of where retail pricing is going and delivers powerful technology to get retailers there.

“…the decisions we made when we introduced DemandTec have withstood the test of time.”

Awards and Recognition

Red demo of DemandTec's Lifestyle Pricing solution that delivers real-time price automation and exception management

Unleash brilliance in pricing

Find out how our AI-powered solutions are driving shopper-centric omni-channel pricing and promotions to expand margins and accelerate growth.