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What’s In a Name? Introducing Unify by DemandTec

By Todd P. Michaud, President & CEO, DemandTec

Several months ago, in preparation for the platform we unveiled today, I asked my team to begin thinking about how to define the real value for clients of our new product suite. Many technology brands, like DemandTec, periodically need to reassess what they want to stand for going forward. What is it about your company and its products that have kept your business thriving for the number of years since inception? Will that work going forward? What makes your product different from everyone else’s?

Leaders generally agree on rules that a company might go about answering that question defining product differentiation. But rarely do companies reveal how they do it. In the spirit of transparency — a central theme in our product launch — we decided to share a short note describing how and why we arrived at Unify by DemandTec.  

Our identity, past and present

We started by having some robust internal debates and discussions with many of our clients, objectively assessing what we have historically done; and understanding how our customers feel about what we do.  We were pleased to learn that the DemandTec name has always been synonymous with innovation in the minds of most our clients. Then we focused on defining what the future needs of our customers would be in this ever-evolving digital and shopper centric world.  Finally, we asked how we could uniquely invent the future for our clients resulting in profitable revenue growth for them, and market leadership for DemandTec.

As it turns out, retailers today have many needs. In the world of retail merchandising, they have a clear emerging need for automation and more specifically, autonomous decision-making to address the increasing complexities surrounding their business. To price and promote correctly — in a way that increases or sustains margins over time — requires advanced technology that includes Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and Machine Learning (“ML”).

But is our leadership in AI the thing that will differentiate us going forward?  Certainly, DemandTec has developed an innovation reputation as one the early pioneers in price optimization, and the first to do so in a Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) business model.  We have also been one of the pioneers to bring true AI to retail pricing and promotions optimization technology. And at the same time, we are predicting, AI in and of itself will increasingly become mere table stakes.  Leading in AI alone will not be our only point of differentiation.

Most of all, technology itself is not the most important thing we provide clients. Howard Schulz, the former CEO of Starbucks used to say, “we’re not in the coffee business serving people. We are in the customer business serving coffee.” Like Starbucks, we are in the customer business, solving the chief problem that our retailer clients are facing now and in the future: the profit-threatening disunification of retail pricing, promotions, and markdowns.

Fundamentally, retailers today face three concurrent challenges; First, they must anticipate and react to ever changing shopper demand patterns brought on by COVID-19, amongst other factors.  Second, they must anticipate and react to the agility and aggressive behaviors of their primary competitors who leverage powerful analytics and digital prowess to compete in today’s age.   Third, they must partner and collaborate like never before with their suppliers.  These challenges are impossible to address if retailers are saddled with fragmented merchandising systems and disparate data sources.  And, these challenges are only exacerbated by inflation, supply chain disruptions, and other macro-economic factors.

With our new platform, Unify by DemandTec, we enable retailers to unify their data sources, their teams, their strategies and processes, and their partners, all with an eye to SEE and UNDERSTAND all consumer engagement and behavior across the merchandising lifecycle, leveraging the power of AI. Unify by DemandTec is designed to help retailers more clearly understand the shopper and all environmental influencers to unlock diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive insights that drive advanced shopper-centric pricing and promotions to increase profitable revenue growth. 

This type of technology was once the exclusive domain of retail behemoths such as Amazon, Walmart, and Alibaba. With Unify by DemandTec, as we have before, we are leveling the playing field for all retailers, big or small. In the coming weeks, we will unveil more about Unify and the platform’s benefits for our customers. In the meantime, a short pause to appreciate the milestone we have reached. It’s a big deal, and we are committed to bringing it to a large international customer base.

What’s in a name? To quote Shakespeare, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But with Unify by DemandTec, we are also appealing to the great need for retailers to understand their shopper better than competitors, empowering retail decision-makers across the organization with the means and encouragement to come together.

It wasn’t so long ago that DemandTec, in our startup days, was disrupting and re-thinking the way pricing and promotions could be done.  We helped to fundamentally change the retail landscape then and I am happy to say that we intend to change the world again! 

To learn more about Unify by DemandTec, read our announcement here… and request a demonstration of the platform here.