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Autonomous Price

Be precise and focused with price management and optimization, successfully executing your price strategy to deliver the best price where it counts sustaining healthy overall margins.

“We progressed beyond rules-based pricing to leapfrog past our competitors and create a gap with them using pricing science. This has delivered a strong, multi-year competitive advantage.”

Pricing management and optimization is the #1 Priority

Global shopper research finds that price is the #1 factor for shoppers when deciding where to shop and can have the largest impact on customer satisfaction and a retailer’s bottom-line. Although AI pricing has been widely proven for more than a decade and repeatedly cited as a driving reason for positive performance in earnings calls, today more than 90% of retailers still report manual or only semi-automated processes for pricing.

AI Pricing is No Longer Considered a “Nice to Have”

In order to keep pace in today’s hyper-competitive environment retailers need a pricing solution built to keep up. With continuing pandemic-driven market shifts taking place, 93% of retailers expect to re-assess their key value items. Delivering the most productized science on the market, DemandTec has this capability built into the product so retailers won’t have to wait for lengthy analytical services cycles.

  • Checkmark Efficiently execute rules-based pricing through price management
  • Checkmark Deliver optimal prices through the industry’s latest AI modeling techniques
  • Checkmark Accurately recommend prices based on granular, current price elasticity and demand trends
  • Checkmark Utilize the most productized science features including strategy recommendations and KVI recommendations
  • Checkmark Visualize key metrics, prioritize based on notifications and alerts, and quickly take action through an intuitive workspace
  • Checkmark Align to price strategies and understand the cost of rules and constraints to continually refine and improve pricing strategies

“We are now the ones setting the pace and defining the market, all of which we manage with price optimization. Now our competitors are trying to follow us.”

Industry Recognition

The Future of Pricing is Now.

Find out how our AI-powered solutions are driving shopper-centric omni-channel pricing and promotions to expand margins and accelerate growth.