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2021 and Beyond: What is in Store for Retail?

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Panel Discussion on Long-Term Shifts in Shopper Behavior

The COVID-19 global pandemic has undoubtedly changed retail forever. The digital marketplace is evolving rapidly, lockdowns and statewide mandates are changing daily, shoppers’ wallets are shrinking and their behaviors are becoming increasingly unpredictable. And the days of long lead times are long gone.

Retailers must plan in-flight and be more dynamic and responsive than ever before. Attend this virtual panel with retail veterans from Forrester, Ahold USA and DemandTec by Acoustic to get answers to your questions, including:

  • With more shoppers purchasing online and curbside, how will promotions be impacted?
  • With the increase in curbside, delivery and drive-through, what is the impact on pricing strategies?
  • Traffic drivers, including KVIs, are changing rapidly. How can retailers keep track- and keep pace? 
  • With the growth of online how are returns going to impact retailers in 2021?
  • In reality, not everyone can have the lowest price, so how can retailers who can’t afford to be the “low-cost leader” .