How Retailers Can Maximize Profits With AI-Driven Price Optimization Solutions

Kevin Sterneckert, DemandTec Chief Strategy Officer

Today’s retail environment is complex. Rapidly shifting consumer behaviors, competitors’ strategies, and economic uncertainty put pressure on retailers. With consumer preferences evolving and high inflation the norm, disposable income is on the decline. Retailers are in need of better ways to understand their customers and leverage data to increase loyalty and enhance the customer experience.   


The good news is even though consumers have become increasingly price-conscious over the past few years, they’re still willing to pay a premium for products that offer value and deliver an exceptional experience. According to a recent survey, almost 90% of consumers said they’re willing to pay more for something when it comes from a brand they trust. This highlights the crucial role pricing plays in driving both customer satisfaction and sales conversion and the importance of deploying effective pricing strategies to drive growth and build customer loyalty.  


As demand rises for some products while supply remains constrained for others, price optimization solutions can help retailers maximize profitability, increasing revenues by as much as 3%- 5% by improving the accuracy and effectiveness of promotional campaigns.


Respond faster to evolving customer expectations 
Today’s consumers are more tech-savvy and digital-minded, so they demand more tailored experiences and personalized offers from retailers. They’re also less loyal to specific brands and more open to new ones. This makes it more important than ever for retailers to adopt strategies that are designed to effectively attract and keep new customers while continuing to foster strong customer loyalty with existing ones.

Price optimization solutions enable retailers to drive greater personalization in their customer interactions and keep them coming back. By leveraging real-time market intelligence, companies can identify emerging sales trends and create unique value propositions that set them apart from their competitors. Armed with this additional data, retailers are better able to identify which products are selling well and where they can make improvements. 



Build in long-term revenue growth   
While traditional price promotion strategies can be effective for driving short-term sales, they’re less effective at generating long-term revenue. With prices constantly changing (think inflation), retailers face significant challenges in identifying the optimal timing and strategy for promoting their products. 


Effective price optimization solutions make it possible to streamline this process and provide retailers with dynamic pricing tools that are tailored to their needs. These tools are designed to help them manage complex pricing strategies and campaigns more effectively and increase sales conversions by implementing dynamic, real-time pricing strategies across all channels. 



Leverage data to increase customer loyalty 

Price optimization solutions are designed to help businesses achieve higher revenue while delivering an enhanced customer experience. In the airline industry, for example, many carriers use dynamic pricing to respond to fluctuating market conditions and minimize financial losses during periods of low occupancy. They also use this technology to reward their most loyal customers and attract new customers through targeted marketing campaigns and promotions


Price optimization solutions can provide retailers with the strategic insight to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By making data-driven pricing a top priority, they can ensure that they have a comprehensive understanding of their customers’ buying habits and preferences and identify the right opportunities to deliver profitable growth.  




Ready to implement strategic pricing solutions that can help provide an exceptional customer experience and boost customer loyalty and retention?


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About the Author: 
With more than 35 years of industry experience in retail technology, including extensive hands-on pricing and merchandising experience at HEB, Walmart and others, Kevin provides a unique and expert point of view to focus on high-impact solutions that will enable retailers to succeed in a fast-changing landscape, today and in the future. 

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