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Recovering Shopper Loyalty in the Post-COVID-19 World

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Panel Discussion on Long-Term Shifts in Shopper Behavior

Three out of four shoppers encountered what they perceived as unfair pricing during the pandemic. And as a result, 53% will no longer shop at those stores. Shoppers who experienced unsatisfactory prices, stock-outs, or poor experiences during COVID-19 have changed where they shop, the brands they buy, and the prices they are willing to accept.

View this on-demand panel discussion to delve into the minds of shoppers and hear the latest findings from the not-yet-released Progressive Grocer global shopper study. Gain answers to your critical shopper behavior questions, including:

  • What pricing and promotional discounts will be most attractive to shoppers in the post-pandemic world?
  • How has shopper loyalty changed as a result of the pandemic and what can retailers expect going forward?
  • Many shoppers chose to bypass retail outlets altogether and buy direct from manufacturers during the pandemic. Will this direct to consumer trend continue?

Find out how the pandemic has changed shoppers, operationalize these insights, and effectively and profitably serve the shoppers of tomorrow.

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