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Leading Swedish Retail Grocer Coop Renews DemandTec Price Management and Optimization

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Three-year renewal enables innovative grocer to deliver engaging, science-based prices that deliver healthy business results 

As one of the largest grocer retailers in Sweden, Coop delivers quality retail with sustainable business practices through some 800 stores nationwide. Since first entering into a relationship with DemandTec in 2012, Coop has leveraged DemandTec Price Optimization science to deliver engaging prices across its many food and fast-moving consumer goods categories, while also generating margins to return profits to its member-owners and invest in continually improving the business for the benefit of shoppers. 

In recent years, the cooperative has expanded its DemandTec Price Optimization usage into stores that joined the Coop family from Netto, which Coop acquired in 2019. Overall, the organization has seen measurable business impact throughout its multi-year relationship with DemandTec. 

As Coop Price and Space Director Fredrik Hermansson explains, “We genuinely value our multi-year engagement with DemandTec optimization science to craft prices that contribute to our market share, while also returning margins that enable us to reward member-owners and invest strategically in the business. We look forward to continuing a strong and high-impact relationship with the DemandTec team in the years ahead.”  

“We are very grateful for the longstanding collaborative and productive relationship with Coop, which has focused on measurable business results throughout,” said Niranjan Chandrasekaran, Chief Customer Officer for DemandTec. “We are excited to extend the spirit of collaboration to leverage pricing science that serves Coop and its member owners today and into the future.”  

About Coop   

Coop is one of the largest retail grocery providers in Sweden, with approximately 800 stores across the country. The stores are co-owned by 3.5 million members in 29 consumer associations. All surplus that is created in the business goes back to the members or is reinvested in the business, which creates a virtuous cycle. Coop’s vision is to be a good force in food in Sweden, which means the company always must be in the forefront when it comes to customer experience, environmental and sustainability work. 

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