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Autonomous Markdowns

Clear excess inventory and increase margins, at scale

Are you struggling to clear excess inventory, identify the right items to mark down and optimize your margins? With DemandTec’s Autonomous Markdowns, you can elevate your markdown strategy leveraging unified merchandising and AI-powered autonomous recommendations, saving you time and driving ROI.

Autonomous Markdowns

“Now we take a scientific approach to pricing rather than relying on individuals’ beliefs or assumptions.”

The New Markdown Landscape

Markdowns are becoming increasingly more complex no matter the retail vertical. In addition. channel disruption, rapidly expanding and localized assortments, competition and category killers, changing consumer tastes – the list goes on. In short, markdown plans must be optimal and agile to keep up with this ever-evolving retail environment.

From Food to Fashion,
One Markdown Solution

DemandTec’s Markdown solution covers all retail formats and all inventory, from food to fashion, on a single platform. Above all, this allows fashion retailers to optimize their markdown plans, account for in-season additions and drops, and meet sell-thru targets; while hardline and grocery retailers can understand how to clear inventory more profitably and general merchandisers can leverage a unified solution.

  • Checkmark Flexible markdown plans for chains, divisions, zones or even individual stores
  • Checkmark Considers store-specific elasticity, store-level inventory, and the sales velocity for each store
  • Checkmark Optimized plans recommend proper mark depth and cadence
  • Checkmark Continuously updates based on in-flight results, optimizing and adjusting to reflect changing market and inventory conditions
  • Checkmark Set primary and secondary goals and optimize to a budget to achieve inventory, profit and revenue objectives

“We chose DemandTec for the science. It enables us to predict the business impact of recommended prices.”

Pricing and Commercial Intelligence Director, Carrefour Brazil

Industry Recognition

Unleash brilliance in pricing

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