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Our Applications

Unify by DemandTec offers four initial applications, available as a platform or standalone applications. Retailers gain a 360-degree view of shopper demand across all channels to elevate AI-powered pricing, promotions, and markdowns and maximize profitable revenue growth.

Unify by DemandTec Platform: How It Works

Autonomous Pricing

Lead the market with a winning
pricing strategy

Looking to maintain consumer price perception and grow your business profitably at the same time? DemandTec’s Autonomous Pricing helps you execute the right price leveraging a unified understanding of the shopper, at the speed you need to succeed.

Green demo of DemandTec's Price Management & Optimization solution that delivers optimal prices while avoiding market erosion
Autonomous Collaboration

Streamline trade collaboration
and promotion funding

Put an end to the countless emails and spreadsheets and join 700+ retailers and suppliers already collaborating through DemandTec’s trade collaboration network that improves and automates deal management.

Turquoise demo of DemandTec's Advanced Deal Management solution that streamlines and automates deal management

Execute promotions that
move the needle

Stop running ineffective promotions! Gain a 360 view of shopper demand and AI-powered recommendations leveraging Autonomous Promotions – so you can deliver promotions that hit the target, every time.

Blue demo of DemandTec's Promotion Planning & Optimization solution that provides a flexible planning & promo environment
Autonomous Markdowns

Build AI-powered markdown
strategies, at scale

Are you struggling to clear excess inventory, identify the right items to mark down and optimize your margins? With DemandTec’s Autonomous Markdowns, you can elevate your markdown strategy leveraging unified merchandising and AI-powered autonomous recommendations, saving you time and driving ROI.

Green demo of DemandTec's Markdown Optimization solution that increases markdown performance

“…we are pleased with the long-term partnering approach both our organizations continue to take. It’s a productive and constructive approach that continues to unlock additional value…”

Industry Recognition

Shopper Intelligence to Autonomous Commerce.

Find out how our AI-powered applications are driving shopper-centric omni-channel pricing and promotions to expand margins and accelerate growth.