WeatherTrends on DemandTec

Weather Trends on IBM DemandTec


Insight to forecasted weather to better drive marketing decisions on the IBM DemandTec Network

Weather Trends on IBM DemandTec provides temperature and precipitation forecasts up to 11 months in advance providing retailers and manufacturers an important edge in understanding and forecasting consumer behavior and demand, effectively timing promotional campaigns and market launches, and deriving assortments that make sense for local market conditions.


Weather Trends on IBM DemandTec provides customers with:


Insight into forecasted weather conditions relative to historical norms


Views of weather forecasts at a zip code level for the entire United States and 4,000 cities Internationally in 129 countries


Ability to utilize the forecasted weather conditions at the point of decision to take more effective pricing, promotional and assortment actions


Moving forward, deeper integration of Weather Trends service with IBM DemandTec cloud apps and science will support a richer user experience with deeper levels of insight at the point of decision.


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